HBC Reader Comments: Modern Clothing Trends

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Comments about modern clothing styles is one of the most commom comment HBC receives from readers. Most of the comments HBC has received are complaints. Many readers apparently have very strong opinions on this topic. We would, however, be interested in hearing from readers who like the modrern trends. HBC does not endorse or reject these opinions, but does believe that they are an interesting social commentary. We eventually hope to add similar commentary on earlier historical periods.

Critical Reader Comments

A passing thought on modern clothing styles: just as an elegant Packard, a beautiful Tommy Dorsey melody, good stationery and fountain pens were unique to a certain time, unfortunately, so may be proper and attractive clothes for one and all. History seems not to repeat itself quite so much as it echoes itself. At some time in the future some designer may borrower a fashion from the past,"mainstream" it for the public, and it may find a "niche market". But it's never quite the same a sthe first time around. Just like the 1950's retro look that was popular for a time in the 1970's, it's evanescent and a pale refection of the original. And that's a shame. Thanks.


Your points about mothers and boys clothes especially short pants are very apt. The old fashioned mother, the hand that rocked the cradle ruled the world. Now the western mother is no longer producing babies. Ru486 our Zyklon B .We are self destructing. The feminazis have emasculated our boys. It used to be that they and the little girls dressed nicely for church, scool etc. Today informal Friday is almost every day. look at how sloppy police, postmen, the military are. Yes shorts looked good on the young boys. Too early we lose innocence and become depraved jaded premature adults. I don't believe we can turn the clock. The psychologists have caused much of this. A good reference dealing with this is: Philip Wylie, A Generation of Vipers, published in the 1950's or 60's.

John Morrison

Positive Reader Comments

I think your readers are a bunch of _______ old idiots. Me and my friends are into comfort.



Reply to Sebastian: I loved the article you put in HBC about old idots and comfort. I am 25 yrs old and went to a strict private catholic school in the northeast. We wore school uniforms including blazers. Our pants had to fit properly. If your waist was 25, thats what you wore and they never felt uncomfortable to me or any other boy. Only you I guess. Tell me, Sabastian how clothes that fit you and are your size could be uncomfortable. You got that attiude from the hip hop crowd, the gang bangers and the VH1. I can't wait till you have a job interview and the person giving you that interview is dressed in a trimly fitted three-piece suit and sees those bags you are wearing. Do you think you are going to get that job? Like my mom alaways said clothes make the boy and the man. When I see our president dressed like you i know we are down the tubes. Is 25 a old man buddy? If you ever get a job in some company you will find out what I said is true.


P.S. I'm proud to be dressed like a normal person.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: February 17, 2001
Last updated: December 12, 2001