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Figure 1.--The boy on the right goes barefoot in this snapshot. If it had been taken in a studio, mother almost surely woulf have insisted on shoes and socks. The reader who contributed this image indicated that it was taken in 1897-98. As it is a snapshot, HBC woild have guessed 1900-05. HBC is not sure if the child on the left is a boy or girl.

HBC has received quite a number of very useful comment and insights by readers. In facr some of our most useful information has come from readers describing their experiences and providing informatiion on clothing styles when they wrre children. Information from European readers has been particularly valuable as HBC is an American site and our information on Europe is much more limited, especially as with the exception of Britain, sources in foreign languages limit our ability to research continental European trens.

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Adolf Hitler

Please remove the foto of Adolf Hitler from the lederhosen page of your website!!!

Bernd Wöstendiek

HBC reply: HBC appreciates your comment and we incourage readers to submit their opinions. However HBC is not in the habit of covering over or doctoring history. Note that this is a history site. The NAZIs and Communists used to cut out photographs in library collections of newspapers and doctor photographs for future publications. The fact is that Hitler, the NAZIs, and the Hitler Youth liked lederhosen and they represent an important if (thankfully) not lengthy era of German history. While we have no intention of deleting Hitler and Hitler Youth photographs from HBC, we would be pleased to add your opinions on the matter as an editorial, if you care to provide them. HBC received no further communication from Mr. Wöstendiek. Other comments from German readers, however, have provides interesting insights into the German image.


I found your information about breeching absolutely fascinating and entertaining. I think this subject would make a good coffee-table book, with stories and photographs. It would be a fascinating topic of conversation for modern people to reach back to a gentler time. It is funny to me how we say we are "more civilized" than ever before. I think this subject merits publication; it really made me think deeply about society. Thank you for all your hard work. Best Regards, Richard Williams

HBC note: Thank you for your kind comments. I'm glad you found HBC of interest. Yes we may eventually publish some books based on our work. At this stage we look at HBC as basically a draft that we are sharing with the readers. Many of whom subit infomation to help expand the site. We are especially interested in adding historical accounts of breeching. As our understanding of these different subjects expands we hope to actually publish some books. Breeching is one of thoise topics, however, we have quit a way to go before we will be satisfied that we have enough information to publish.


Fabulous website. There are many aspects of your website that I enjoy and find informative. More than anything else I like about the HBC site is the way that old photos can make childhood timeless.

Costume Design

I love your website. I was going to be a costume designer before turning to set design. What a great reference tool. Thanks. MP

Your site is very interesting. It is a great help for designing costumes for plays set at different times. It helps to create an accurate picture of that time period. Keep up the good work. James Alcock

Dating Old Photographs

My husband and I are sorting old family pictures that go back to at least 1894. Sometimes the only way we can date the picture is by the clothing. I can usually tell the difference in women's clothing between early 1900's and 1920's, but have no knowledge of men's. (When were suits single breasted vs. double breasted?) I am intrigued by your site which does a wonderful job of chronically "boys" styles. Do you know of anything similar for adults?? Thanks

Louise Smith

HBC Note: I'm afraid not. Just boys' clothes and their ramifications is more than I can handle at this time. I would be very interested, however, in coordinating HBC with a comparable girls' site or an adult clothing site. The ovelap could provide some useful insights.

Doll Costuming

I stumbled over your web page while looking on the internet for pictures of Little Lord Fauntleroy outfits to use as a basis for a doll I am costuming. Your historical boy's costume website is jaw-droppingly well-organized, informative, and fun. I am a librarian at my day job and this kind of TREASURE TROVE of information really gladdens my heart. Thank you, thank you, for sharing your knowledge with the world in such a well-organized way. I've seen many websites that try to convey a lot of information in an interesting, cohesive way, and yours stands out as the Sgt. Pepper of informative websites.

Anne Killheffer, Librarian/Dollmaker

Hello. I have been searching for web images of children's clothing to reproduce for dolls, and so came across this site. I have since spent a lot of time reading rather than sewing. Thank you so much for making this available. It is brilliant.

Ann Bttison

Federal Era Clothing

I am doing a project on Clothing during the Constitution time (1787 to 1800) for Social Studies. We are allowed to present it in anyway so I'm doing it as a webpage! So I was wondering if I could use info and pics from your site. You along with other references will be listed (along with URL) on my site as a bibliography.



We have recived numerous comments on specofic garments. Most of them have been added to the appropriate HBC page. We will also upload a few reprsentatove messages here as well.


"Your website about historical boys clothing is phenomenal. Who would have thought that a site with such detailed information would exisit. Ironically, I've been looking for information on boy's dresses. I have a picture of his grandfather in the outfit (figure 1). Sorry for the picture quality. Is there a particular name for what he is wearing? I would love to be able to find either a replica of this kind of outfit or something vintage. Our son is named after his great grandfather and we would like to stage a reproduction of this photo with him in the appropriate clothing. Any ideas?"

Kerry Clark

HBC note: We are pleased to read you have found our website of interest. Yes HBC has rather grown beyond our expectations, primarily through interesting information submitted by our readers and your contribution about your grandfather provides some valuable insights.


I'm doing a sort of projct on Scotland and no other book or internet site I read had as much info on kilts and much more. Thank you.


History from a Child's View

I find it fascinating to look at history from the primism of the child's point of view. It gives an enirely fresh perspective of history and social development. It rather helps to bring history to life. Thanks for all your hard work, glad that my contributions have been helpful in at least a small way.

Philip R.

HBC note: Thanks for your encouragement here. Actually HBC has begun a small section on children in history that you may find to be of unterest.

Materials and Fabrics


Congratulations on your great site! interesting subject - there is very little scientific source on it. How did you get the idea? I am adapting the Hans Warrenthe book Tteen der hulp to a screenplay for a film. In the book Ed says he has brought "een manchesterbroek" or Manchester pants. What is that? it's not in you glossary. can you help? Are you dutch-speaking? I am. Thank you.

Bavo Ddefurne

I am afraid that we do not speak Dutch, but some of our readres are Dutch and they have made valuable contributions to HBC. Actually, the term "manchester" is in our Dutch glossary. Manchester is how the Dutch and Germans referred to corduroy, because so much of this fabric was made in mills around Manchester. You may want to look at the HBC corduroy page.

Modern Clothing

Comments about modern clothing styles is one of the most commom comment HBC receives from readers. Most of the comments HBC has received are complaints. We would, however, be interested in hearing from readers who like the modrern trends.


This site is amazing, especially the collection of photos. I’ve been searching for information on sailor suits in hopes of designing one for my little boy, as they are very difficult to find at the store. Do you have any resources for sewing patterns for vintage clothing? It would be wonderful to re-create some of these old clothes.

Stephanie Turney"

HBC note: Glad you have found HBC interesting. We would love to add patterns to HBC, but unfortunately it is not practical. Patterns would have to be loaded as very large images to see the details and that ius just not practical at tis time. They would take for ever to come up on your screen and would eat up tremendous bandwith.

Peter Pan: Theatrical Costuming

Do you have any sources for patterns, especially for Eton collars and jackets, middy blouses, and pants? My current project includes boys clothing from the mid-1800's--1910. Would all the pants have been drop front? Would your expanded page help here? This is a great site! Keep up the good work--we need your help out here! [HBC provided information on 19th cemtury boys' pants.] Hey, thanks so much for the information! As you may have guessed, I'm designing Peter Pan and the lost boys are giving me trouble (in more ways than one!). Your reply was great!

Gesh Spiegel

HBC note: We have done some work on Peter Pan, but do not yet know a great deal about the costumin in eraly productions. We do note that Peter in some early book illustrations did not have a costume with a Peter Pan collar..


I found your website quite interesting. I am just getting into recreating 18th century life and the information you have available is helpful.


Rusian Royalty

You have an Interesting sight.

Anthony E. Goralski -- Grandson of Nicholas II. - Last TSAR of Russia

HBC note: Goralski clains descent from the Tsar from a Morganic mairrage. Details are provided in the Royalty site.

School Uniform

Your internet site is very interesting and useful. I would like to thank you a lot for your information. Now I can tell you that I feel less lonely in my researches!!! I was so suprised not to be able to find any book about this topic of school uniform in Great Britain because for me it is an important social aspect of British culture and society! So thanks a lot for your help. As for your questions about smocks in France during the Third Republic I do not really know a lot about it, but I will try to find elements as soon as I can. When I go home to France I will try to find some information.

Marina Marinat

Social History

I have just browsed around part of your HBC site for a short while which I found, quite by accident, on the internet via excite.com. May I compliment first you on a terrific enterprise. I think it is very important that this sort of socail historical information, which is largely ignored by many more established academic historians, is collected and preserved.

Paul W.

Social History

Thought I should write about something I've neglected--how really good and insightful the many contributions, both images and memeories, that HBC's contributors have made. So many of their illustrations have stories to tell about the lifestyles and customs of different times. And they're very well turned out. The remembrances that the contributors have shared have given us so much to think about and have added to our information.

John B.

ThinkQuest Junior

Three of my students are working on their first web pages for a contest called ThinkQuest Junior. They are in sixth grade and are doing a project on fashion and how it is related to history. At the beginning, the kids were finding pictures of fashion but had not connected the connection between history and fashion. We found your website and we were wondering if we could link it to our website for other people to study if they visit us? Also, could we copy some of your pictures to put on our website? You and your work will be noted. We will let you know when it is up so you can visit us, too. Thank you very much.

Dana Garlick, Gateway Specialist, Barnstable Middle School

Historic School Celebrations

Thanks to your wounderfull site, my two boys here in Australia will look "just the thing" for their school Centenary Of Federation celerbrations tomorrow.

Louise Barnes

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