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fashion history
Figure 1.--Our HBC websitte began as primarily a fashion history site. We have continued to explore fashion topics, but have evolved into a wider history site. Here we focus on how history has affected children and children history. Any our fashion pages archive numerous images of childen over time offering vast amounts of sociological and often historical data on ordinary people, to often negletd by historians. You can use the search functions on this page to find both fashion and historical information. Here we see a CDV portrait of two Iowa children with their grandmother during the Civil War era. Click on the image for more information about American families during the 1860s.

HBC has become a huge site. We now estimate that there are about 25,000 pages. This of course makes navigation and finding pages with pertinent information a daunting task. We have tried to structure HBC to facilitate simple navigation, but with such a large site, navigation will always be an issue--especially with new subscribers. And while finding the major pages with small bits of information which may provev helpful. So here HBC readers searching for information can search the site and hopefully find just what information you are seeking. Some of you have browsers with a "Search Site" button. That works well. Here I think is an answer to the need for a search engine that effectives searches the entire site. If you do not, than all you have to do is bring up your Google or Bing (and probably other) search engines up. Both Google and Bing have advanced search links. Or you can add site:histclo.com" (without the quotation marks of course) to your search in the search box.

Search Site Button

Some of you have browsers with a "Search Site" button. The "Search Site" button will automatically search what ever site you are in. So if you are in HBC, this will work well. This option, however, seems to have disappered from browsers.

Web Searches

If your browser does not have a "Search Site" button, than all you have to do is bring up Google (and probably other search engines as well). Then in the search box type your search entry followed by "site:histclo.com" (of course without the quotation marks). For example if you want to search HBC for 'skeleton suits', the search box would read, "skeleton suits site:histclo.com". Or beter put "skleton suits" or "skeleton suit" in quotation marks.

The New Bing

Bing greatly improved its search engine in 2023. It is far more effective than it once was. We note a contuinued bias against the United States, but we are not sure yet how it comares to Google. We are still assessing this.

The Web Only Your Site


We have tried out Qwant. It was not a very effective search engine. A lot of the results hade noting to do with the topic being searched. Some did, but many did not. New Bing and Google are much better. But we have notuced improvements. e thinkn because of New Bing. Quant has, however, the same algorithms that censor out conservative thought. That doesn't make much difference for HBC. It does for CIH.



Some readers have asked about DuckDuckGo. It is an excellent search engine and unlike Google and Bing prides itself on not collecting information. Just click on the search box here and enter in you query. It will automaticall search HBC. We note results have imprived. We think this may be vuuuse i=on New Bing..

Yahoo! Search Box

We have just begun to assess Yahoo Search. We are not sure why the search box is not working correctly.

Only Search Your Site

Google Search Box

We here at CIH/HBC are always thinking about our readers and trying to help you get the information that you want from our site. For many years you could use the Google box here. Google works fairly well, but the bright bulbs at Google are using algorithms to censor the internet. Just do a Google search for 'World War II war crimes' and notice how often the United States comes up in the results. We find the Google results for countless searches are designed to produce results critical of the United States. Self critivism is part of our culture. But so is honesty. Picturing America in a false light is not honest criticism. It is almost like NAZI or Soviet propagandidsts are producing Google algorithms. Freedom of the press is the crown jewel of American success. The Google staff is not only unaware of this, but has a distorted view of American history. .


Reader Response

We hope that this page will assist you in your searches. Now if we have not explained this well or you are confused, please let me know and well will try to sort it out better. Of particular interest are important pages that do not come up when you do searches. Let us know and we will add needed codeing that on our pages will ensure that they do come up. Or on the other hand if you are computer savy and have some search insights to add, please let us know. Or if you know of a good browser we shoulf add to this page, please let us know.

Cached Pages

From time to time we need to find cached page. We though this was a way of doing that. Unfortunately we can not get bixes here to work. We woild greatly appreciate readers with coding skills to help us with this.

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HBC Working Searches

These are links to the external search pages CIH/HBC commonly uses in building and working on our website. We include a link here only as it is a convient place to put the link as we use the page so commonly to hunt down a find images as well as to find if images are being used on other pages. It will not be of interest to most HBC/CIH readers, although they are welcome to use if they wish to do so.


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