Children in History: Introduction

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Our website began in 1998 with Christopher Wagner's work on historic fashion. After compiling a considerable data base we realized that the fashion data base had comsiderable historical and sociologival value beyond the realm of fashion. I taught school in the years before the internet. I taught a range ofvsocial sciences, including economics, history, psychology, and sociology. My history students would often ask life style questions about young people in the various historical period we studied. They wanted to know about clothing,dance, and music. These were topics that as a young teacher I was not prepared to answer. and in the years beore the unternet it was amaterial that was not easy to research. So it ocuured to me that Chris's fashion work could serve as the beginning of a larger site addressing the role of children in history, both how children affected history and of course more commonly how they were affected by history. And we eant to deave into other disciplines such as anthrplogy, economics, sociolgy as well as various related discipline. It is not always easy to find infomation specifically about children in these disciplines and historical periods. So we often lay the historical foundation first and gradually add the information about children as it becomes available. One important factor to bear in mind is that until the modern age, people lived much shorter lives and thus we now call childhood and the teen years made up a much greater proportion of an individuals live span. An the modern concept of childhhod is a relatively recent development, one originating during the Enlifgtenmnt. Until the 19th century, children after infncy were essentilly dressed and treated as small adults.


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