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Russian Boys' Clothes: Play Activities--Games

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified Russian boy enhoying a home-made swoing some place in the Ural mountain suring the 2000s. Life in the major cities is as modern as Western Europe, but this is mnot the case im much of the rest of the country. .

We do not yet have information specificaly about children's play in Russia. Here we aew collecting information on ganes and toys but do not yet have much information on Eussian play. A factor here is that the photographic record in Soviet Russia is not as large as one might think for such a large country. The reason for this is so few Russian citizens had cameras to take family snap shots. Despite the claims of a worker and peasant paradice, it is in the Soviet Union that workers and farmers recrived earnings afording families to have private cameras pr afford film and processing. The reason is the ineffiencies of Communist enterprises and the huge military expenses. So thy could mot aford to take large numbers of snapshots. Much of what we have are studio poertraits. We do not yet have much information on many on the games played by Russian children, Russian children played were the same as those played in Europe. Presumably there were some destinctive Russian games, although we are not yet familar with them. We note that some Russian boys wore school uniforms. After school boys took off their uniforms to put on their play clothes. Of course climate is an important factor in Russia. The Summer season is relatively short which means that play clothes had to include cold weather items.


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