Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--July 2007

Figure 1.--Another special day is "Prazdnik Bukvarya" (a celebracion of ABC-book). This day is celebrates the pupils in 1st grade/form (6 or 7 years old) successfully completing their ABCs. This is done in the first year of the 4-year primary (elementary) school program. In this photograph you can see children, playing roles of some letters from the Russian (cyrillic) alphabet. I'm not sure about the date, but believe ot was taken in 2007.

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July 31

French rompers: 3 year olds

French rural family (1950)

French rompers: The 1940s

French stores: Grande Maison (1939)

July 30

French rompers: Chronology

World War II: Eastern Front logistics

Canadian tunic ads (1906)

School uniform ties: Country trends

Jewish Diaspora

U.S. toys: Dolls

World War II: Pacific submarine campaign

U.S. Pants: Types

U.S. Knickers: Hosiery

July 29

American Civil War: Importance

German school headwear: Flat caps

American shirts: 19th century

Austrian Knabenhorten

Unidentified English boy (1850s)

Hoover presidency

German kilts: Styles

American hat styles

American tunic suits: 2 year olds

July 28

Dating CDVs: Thin rules

Eddie and Ralph Young

William McFarland Notman

American tunic suits: Age

American tunic chronology: 20th century

World War I: German cadets

July 27

Jewish Diaspora M-R

American Fauntleroy suits: Material

Zouave history

American Fauntleroy blouses

U.S. knickers: The 1920s

July 26

Sears underwaists (1915)

Reed boys

U.S. 1930 election

American Fauntleroy headwear: Caps

German military style school cap: Ages

French underwear (1939)

French corset porte-culotte (1935)

July 25

Vintage support garments

U.S. Cub knickers

Single bar ceter strap sandals

Single bar split centr strap sandals

Jewish Diaspora F-L

Donald W. Simpson

Greek Jews

July 24

Harry Bernstein

Timurid Empire

American nationalist groups: More work here

James E. West

World War II Theaters

Peter Lederer

July 23

German long stocking length chronology

German school headwear

World War II; Nationalist and Chinese armies

Hitler Youth summer camps: Food

Grenock Academy: More information here.

American pants: Age trends

July 22

American boy (1922)

German Flak batteries

English beaches: South Shields

American suits: 14 year olds

American suits: Age

Kilt suits: Chronology

July 21

John IrwinAnti-semitism

HJ pins

U.S. Scout insignia

July 20

English sailor suits (1889)

Charles, Baker & Co.

DJ rune patch backing

English catalogs: 1880s

American bangs: Siblings

July 19

Unknown dance films

Wigan Pier museum

July 18

American tams

French catalogs (1937)

Italian Jews

American knickers: Hem closure


July 17

South Carolina teen ager (1851)

Ancient battles

Ottoman Jews

German footwear: 1930s

Scottish garments

July 16

Barbarossa campaign

Spanish Jews

Old time radio

Heinz Guderian

July 15

German royalty: Reuss

U.S. dresses: 1870s

Russian ABC day

Harry and Maude Lodge

July 14

Jewish diaspora: Country trends

July 13

American Boy Scouts: Paradox

July 12

Modern German schools

German gift cones: The 2000s

Swis tights: Chronology

National hosiery trends

Argentine garments

July 11

Clothing worn with sashes

American dresses: Siblings

Swiss school hosiery

Swiss school suits

July 10

Swiss school: Legrmitteverlag

Hebrew history: Assyrian conquests

July 9

Trevor's friend Graham

Schoo uniform garments: White shirts

School hair styles

July 8

Charles and Harland Russell (1860s)

Boaters: Chronology

German snapshots

Hitler Youth garments

American hair styles: Longer styles (2000s)

Buster Brown Shoes (1924)

American school (1922)

July 7

Norwegian school theatricals

Social class

World War II: Chronology

July 6

German strap tie shoes

Buster Brown strap shoes (1918)

Sinking Bismarck

July 5

Strap shoes: Terminology

Hitler Youth: Approach

Painted over photographs

American catalogs: Underwear (1924)

July 4

Trevor: Cadet program

Cut-away jackets: Trim

Red bows

Caps: The kepi

Fauntleroy suits: Color

The Maya

Camp Idlewild

U.S. camp uniforms: Chronology

Trevor: East Anglia boarding school uniform

Trevor: Lederhosen

July 3

Sailor hats: Country trends

American sailor hats

HJ: Wearing the uniform: Activities

Latvian hair styles

July 2

Getting dressed project: John's underwear (1910s)

Trevor: East Anglia boarding school

Trevor: Dorset boarding school

July 1

Italian school uniforms: Gender trends

Swiss school headwear

Swedish Schools: Types

Swiss stockings

English boy in Germany: Trevor


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