English School Uniform Garment Regulations: School Types

Figure 1.--Almost all English private schools require uniforms. The uniform list before World War could be quite extensive. The list is much more limited at modern schools.

Uniform conventions and rules varied significantly at different types of schools. State primary schools until after World War II did not gernerally require uniforms, but boys usually wore short trouser suits with a school cap--which seems to have been required. After World War II, many state primary schools began requiring uniforms, especially by the 1960s. State secondary schools did commonly require uniforms, especislly the grammar schools which commonly emulaste the public (private secondary) schools. The Anglican schools tended to be more strict about unifiorm than the regular state primaries. Private schools did commonly require uniforms, both preparatory schools and public schools. The uniform at these schools, especially before World War II could be quite elaborate and uniform regulations were often involvedf and strictly enforced. Most schools required a cap. Prep school boys generally wore blazers with short trousers and kmeesocks. Uniforms at the public schools were more diverse. Most private schools continue to require uniforms, but they tend to be less involved than before World War II.


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