North Korean School Uniform

Figure 1.-- Here we see the North Korean girls' school uniform. The white blouse has a wide white collar and is worn with a blue suspender skirt. It is worn with an obligatory red scarfe.

Images available from the early 2000s show coordinted white and blue uniforms for boys and girls. Here we see a boy and girl wearing their school uniforms for some kind of theatrical production (figure 1). The uniforms are worn with the obligatory red scarfe. The boy wears a white shirt and blue pants. The girl weas a white blouse with a wide collar with a suspender skirt. This photgraph was taken in the early 2000s. We have no chroological information at this time. Nor do we know if there were any differences between primary and secondary schools. We also do not know how widely these uniforms are worn. We do not know for ecample if the uniforms were worn just by a few prestige schools in Pyongang or if children throughout Korea were issued similar uniforms.


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