School Uniform: Australia--Regional Trends

Figure 1.--This is a stop on a comuter railroad line in the afternoon after school. The photograph was taken in 1987. A HBC reader tells us that this image looks luke Sydney in New South Wales.

We do not have details on regional trends in Australia yet. Some of our Australian readers are hesitant to describe country-wide trends. They have, however, provided us some information on school uniform trends where they live. Hopefully HBC will eventually begin to form some conclusions about regional trends a we compile accounts from different areas in Australia.

Regional Trends

There are some slight differences regionally. You can imagine with the size of Australia there would be some climatic differences. The schools in the north of Australia would wear a more relaxed and comfortable uniform all year round, due to the tropical weather. As for the Schools in the south of Australia, namely Tasmania, the uniforms would be designed around keeping the students warmer because of the colder climate.

Specific Regions

We have begun to collect some regional information.

New South Wales

Canberra is the capital of Australia. It is a special federal district located within New South Wales. One observer reports that almost all Canberra schools have uniforms. Sydney, Australia's best known city, is also located in New South Wales. An Australian reader reports that, "The photograph here looks like it is from Sydney. I have traveled on those trains before. The other clue that gives it away is the khaki uniforms. Adelaide only has one school that wears khaki uniforms and their students all travel by bus."


We have very limited information on Queensland, in the north of Australia. One image shows a private school with a broad-brim. This style of sun-protective headgear has replced the traditional English-style peaked cap which provided littleprotection from the sun. This hat hat has been adoptedat quite a number of primary schools. Northern Queensland has a semi-tropical climate and the sun can be quite intense.

South Australia

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. A reader writes, "I can only give you an insight into the uniforms worn by students who attend schools in Adelaide. Although, I would hazard a guess that the rest of Australia would be pretty much in line with Adelaide's school uniforms. Uniforms are worn at most private schools, but many state schools have discontinued uniforms."



We have little information on Victoria at this time. The principal city in Victoria is Melbourne. We have noted some private scgools in Melbourne with traditional English styled uniform. we do not yet have any information on stte schools.

Western Australia


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Created: January 24, 2004
Last updated: January 29, 2004