Boxer Shorts: Countries--France

Figure 1.--Here we see a French family in 1976. The boy is wearing boxer shorts. The French term was " un short ". A French reader says that a real boxer had a sort of underpant inside. (This sounds rather like an American swim suit.) A French reader reports, "It wasn't the case about the son' shorts. I remember he went several time to the school with The real boxer shorts with a underpant inside. This style for boys was never made in France.

The photograph of the two American boys is a wonderful image of childhood play. The boxer shorts are a practical play outfit. In France boxers were in fashion for boys during the 1970s. They could be worn even to go in the school with or without a very short smock. One calls them simply " short ". The real boxers ( with a underpant inside ) were only for men and were called here " boxer short ". (The term boxers was also used for underwear in America. This was underwear cut like boxers shorts.) At the same time they was a similar vogue for boy - a bit like boxers. It was the Gersey shorts, very short also. Before 1970 the boxers were unknow for boy , but were worn by men in the 1960s.


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Created: 1:18 AM 2/15/2005
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