German Sandals: Closed-toe Styles--Double Strap

Figure 1.--Here we see a German boy wearing two bar t-strap sandals (closed toe) in a photo with the title "Kindergarten an der Obstrasse, St. Gallen, ca. 1950". I haven't seen many boys wearing this sandal style in Germany. Notice the pinafores some of the boys are wearing. We have since learned that St. Gallen is in Switzerland.

We note younger German boys wearing double strap shoes as a kind of formal shoe in the 19th century. A good example is an infant German boy about 1870. This really is not what we would call a sandal today. German boys did wear sandals in the early 20th centyry, but the double strap style was not popular. This was a style we have also noted in other countries. We see few images of German boys wearing double trap play sandals in the 20th century. The style was not entirely absent in Germany. We see a few photographs of German boys wearing them, but they seem relsatively rare.


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Created: 11:51 PM 9/16/2005
Last updated: 11:51 PM 9/16/2005