Russian Tights: Styles--False Feet

Figure 1.--The photograph here shows a pair of "children's kolgotki" which can be worn by both boys and girls. They are produced by The Amoroli company in Moscow. We are not positive about the purpose, but believe it was primarily for boys who did not want to be seen as wearing tights.

A Russian reader tells us that in 2004 or 2005, the Amaroli company produced tights with false socks. We are not sure, however, about the purpose of this style. It appears to be a style created to appeal specifically for boys, some of whom apparently do not like to be seen wearing tights.


These false feet children's tights ( kolgotok ) were made by the Amoroli company in Moscow.


Here we see a new form of tights which we have not noted before. It is tights with false socks. These false socks cannot be removed. They are not really separate garments, they just are made to look like it. They are sewn to the tights and compose one unted article. A Russian reader tells us that he has not noted this style earlier either.


We were not sure about the purpose of the false socks when we first saw them. A Russian reader tells us, "The false elastic of these sock-looking bottoms in my opinion were made to hide the fact that the child is wearing tights."


Our Russian reader asked the female clerk in the store how well this style was selling and who was buying them for boys or for girls. Te clerk indicated that these tights were proving to be very popular. She indicated that the purchases were for both average and large sizes for boys and girls. She said when the children were with the parents that it seems that many of the purchases were for boys about 10-12 years of age abd sometimes even older. This conversation confirms that at present Russian boys wear tights under long trousers up to about 12 years of age, sometimes even older. But the older boys try not to show that they are wearing them. opened by all. This photograph I made itself and it is possible to


Large size for children's tights in Russia (same as in the Soviet Union) are number 20 and 22. All numbers of children's kolgotok this beginning from number 12 (smallest), 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22. There are intermediate numbers 19, 21 and 23(samye- very large for the children). Number 22 assumes the growth of child to 146-152 cm (or the size of clothing 36-38). Number 23 is assumed for the children increase in which it composes 152 - 164 cm or the size of clothing (trousers, shirts) 38-40.


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