Ringlet Curls: Styles--Standard Bangs

Figure 1--This New Hampshire boy wears ringlets with the standard straight across the forehead cut. He wears his ringlets with a classic small velvet Fauntleroy jacket and ruffled collar.

Standard bangs or what we might call a Dutch boy cut staight accross the forehead was one option with ringlet curls. (Does anyone know if this cut got its name because this was a popular hair style in Holland.) This was a fairly simple approach. It was usually associated with a center part, but the center part ended well before the forehead so the hair could be combed forward into bangs which were then cut straight across the forehead. Often it was not possible to see the center part on the crown of the boys' head in portraits taken from the front. In some cuts, the bangs are cut straight across ghe forhead and then tapered slightly at the side. Note that until the turn of the century it was not common to style boys hair in bangs after his curls were cut. Nor was it the most popular way of styling girls hair. Thus it was not used as widely for boys as other treatments. We note many examples of boys wearing bangs with ringlet curls. A good example is Martin Allister Wambold, an American boy in 1886.


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Created: November 8, 2000
Last edited: 11:10 PM 1/8/2007