Trouser Suspension: H-Bar Country Trends--Sweden

Figure 1.--Here we see a Swedish school group in 1942 during World War II. The War swirled around Sweden, but the country managed to remain neutral. It is one of the few images we have noted with a boy wearing H-bar pants. The children apparently were at camp.

HBC has not yet acquired much information on Sweden. A reader tell us that H-bar suspender pants were not very common in Sweden. Assessing old shool portraits from Sweden, we almost never note H-bar pants. We are not sure why the fashion was not popular in Sweden. Accross the Baltic in Germany and Poland as well as to the east in Russiam H-bar pants were commonly worn. We do not yet know what the popularity of H0-bar pants was in other Scandinavian countries. Here we see a boy wearing H-bar shorts in 1942. We notice some boys wearing H-bar pants in the 1950s. A good example is a primary class in 1953.


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Created: 1:40 AM 9/15/2004
Last updated: 1:40 AM 9/15/2004