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Swedish Schoolwear: Cronological Trends

Swedish schools 1940s
Figure 1.--This primary school class in 1953 looks to be for children about 6-7 years of age. We note boys wearing short and long pants. Some boys seem to wear snow pants over their regular pants. We see a few boys wrearing H-bar suspender pants. Note the boy at the right looks to be earong wearing a cowboy outfit.

We do have a few images from Swedish schools which provide some informtion on schoolwear in various eras. As uniforms were not worn, these school portraits provide a very useful look at children's clothing in Sweden over time. The available images are currently fairly modern. We do not yet have any 19th century images, only a few 20th century images. We hope to add earlier images to have a more complete view of Swedish schoolwear.

The 1920s

We note Swedish children playing games in the school yard during 1925. We note a Arne Sohlstrom a boy attending secondary school with his school cap in 1928.

The 1930s

We notice a class portrait at a school in 1931.

The 1940s

Here we see what looks lie an amateur snapshot od a school class. Ir is undated, but looks like the 1940s. There are 23 children, both boys and girls, and their teacher. Most of the children are still wearing long stockings, but ir dies not look very cold. Other boys ear knee sicks. One boy wears knickers. We are guessing that the school is in the backgroundn but we are not sure. It looks more like a summer camp , but we think it is a school group. They look like 3rd graders meaning children about 8 years old. .

The 1950s

The image here shows a typical Swedish school class in 1952 (figure 1). We notice children posing outside their rural school for a school portrait in 1953.

The 1960s

A Dutch reader who attended school in the 1960s tells us, "I was born in 1955, so back in 1963, I was 8 years old (Second class in Swedish schools - we start at 7 in this country!) When I get time, I can scan and send you a photo of my class of excactly that year (May 1963). At my school, we were not required to have uniforms, but it became quite popular among us boys to wear a mixture of the uniform and ordinary clothes! I guess, I was to blame for that partially - me and my best school mate invented a new fashion - blue jeans (of course, as you stated cuffed at the ankle) and the school jacket (grey flannel) To go with this; American basketball shoes! Later on we used our felt pens to put on the names of our favourite pop bands and singers, like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Elvis! My mother DIDN'T appreciate the scribblings on my new shoes, that's for sure!"

The 1970s

The 1980s


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