Trouser Suspension: Suspender Pants--Rompers

Figure 1.--This Canadin boy looks to be wearig suspender romers, although it is a little difficult to tell. The children are Richard and his sister Lucille Vien. They were photograhed on their family farm in Québec during 1957. Le petit Richard et Lucille, enfants de M. et Mme Armand Vien de Saint-Anselme. 1957.

We have noted suspendr rompers, especially in the 1940s nd 50s. We have not noted boys weaing rompers pants with standarard suspenders. We have noted rompers with suspender straps in the same material as the romper bottom, rather like suspender shorts. They seem particularly popular in France, but we have noted them in other European countries as well. we notice them in Canada, but not very commonly. They were made as both dressy garments as well as play garments.


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Created: January 4, 2004
Last updated: January 4, 2004