Zouave Uniform Outfits

Figure 1.-- At first I thought this ws a Civil War portrait. But the hair does not seem right fo America in the 1860s. More definitively it is a post card printed in France--Cartel Postel. I assume that means it is dated in the early 20th century. The uniform, however, seems patterened after the Civil War uniform (Lords Encyl).

Many boys' outfits were done with Zouave styling. Less common was an actual Zouave uniform done for boys. As unlikely as it may seemat first glance, American Civi War units were outfitted in the Zouave outfits. Of course this was much more common in France. And as aresult, outfits were made for boys with the Zouave styling. We do not think this was very common in America, based on their relative rarity in the photographic record. But we do see occassional examples. We suspect most of these would have been made during the Civil War (1861-65). The Zouave styling continued for a while, but the actual uniform outfits seem most likely to have been taken during the War, at least in America.The back of the postcard has Cartel Postel, so its defintely printed in France, the uniform is exactly patterned after the Civil War uniform (Lords Encyl) and as for the time period, it appears to be WWI era, unless it is a copy of a much earlier photo. Sorry for any confusion.


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Created: 5:40 AM 5/14/2006
Last updated: 5:40 AM 5/14/2006