Country Movie Listings: New Zealand

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HBC has little information about New Zealand films. New Zealand has only a small population, but we have seen a few film and there is a local film industry. Hopefully our New Zealand readers will provide some further suggestions.

Break a Leg (New Zealand, 1990?)

Break a Leg was based on a book by William Taylor. Leaving aside the typical, makeshift school-play costumes in Break a Leg, three types of kids' clothes are seen; 1) Mid 1980s to early '90s kids' "regular" clothes (jeans, sweatshirts, etc.) 2) The soccer team uniforms, somewhat more European and "professional" looking than the ones common in the U.S. 3) What I now know to be typical New Zealand school uniform (gray open-collar shirts, shorts, kneesocks and sweaters for the boys). I started watching the first one about halfway through, and at first I thought it was 1950s England (an impression deepened by the teacher's Morris Minor wagon).

Young Detectives on Wheeles - (New Zealand, 198?)

A New Zealand film about a bunch of kids who solve a crime. One of the boys wears his short gray school shorts almost all of the time but his sister only wears sweatpants. Some of the other kids wear shorts, but mostly sweats and jeans. This film was made in the 80s.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: October 31, 2001
Last updated: October 31, 2001