*** movie depictions of boys clothing: country films

Movie Depictions of Boys Clothes: National Films

Austrian film
Figure 1.--'Almost Angeles' is one of best known movies about Austria. It was made by the American Disney studio in English, although shot in Austria with Austrian boy actors.

Movies have a lot of information on fashion. Many movies show clothing and school uniforms worn in specific countries during certain countries. In most cases those films were made in the country in which the story is set. The clothing depicted is often quite accurate when dealing with contemporary times. More care needs to be taken with films set in historical eras. Some films take great care while others with limited budgets can be very misleading. HBC as with much of the site is most familiar with American and British films, but is aware of some foreign films, mostly French. Hopefully HBC readers will suggest other relevant foreign films. These are particularly rich sources of information for countries for which HBC has no local correspondent. This is particularly true for many European films. Often the children in films set in comtemporary times were not costumed, but rather wore their regukar clothes. Here we want to look at both national movie industries and particularly important films made in or about specific countries.


The country movie pages for HBC purposes are movies ABOUT a country, not necesarily movies made in a country. Of course most movies made in a country are about that country. The United States is the principal country which occasionaly makes films set in other countries. In many cases some of the most important films about a country are not made in the country. This occirs because the country has only a small population that does not support a large film imdustry or for a variety of political reasons. The best example of this is Doctor Zibago which could not be made in the Soviet Union. Today religion limits film making. Movies can not even be viewed in the Tailban's Afganistan, let alone made.

Individual National Film Industries

HBC has created country movie pages. These pages have information about the national film indistry as well as individual films made in or about that country. HBC as compiled the following list films which we believe are particularly important films. We ave not included every film from the alphabetical list, but rater the fims we believe are particularly important. Hopefully our foreign readers will advise HBC as to which films should be put on their country's film list.


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Created: January 21, 2001
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