Enid Blyton: New Readers

Figure 1.--We note some charming illustrations By Cicely Steed from an Enid Blyton book titled Down at the Farm . Unfortunately, like many of the Blyton illustrators, we have little information about her. The story is essentially about the young Bobby who has been ill in bed. The good doctor recommends to his mother for a swift recovery her son should have spell in the country. Published in Great Britain by Purnell and Sons. There is no publishing date but it seems to be from the late 50s or early 60s. Of note is the brown leather strap shoes.

Enid Blyton books ar of course for primary school children. Many were suitable for older primary school children, but some were especially written for new readers in the early primary school years. Here both the vocabulary and gentle storu lines were tailored or these children. Unfortunately these children are so young, that it is hard to collect useful testimonials as to how effectibe these books were. The Blyton boks were not the highly imaginative books that might imprent on young minds. Still they may have been enjoyable reads that were useful to young readers. Perhaps these gentle stories rther like PBS's "Mr. Rodgers Neigborhood" had a special appeal to many young readr. The image here is from Down at the Farm which was illustrated by Cecil Steed.


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Created: February 28, 2003
Last updated: February 28, 2003