Available Scholarship on Childhood

Figure 1.--Ther has since the 1990s been an expanding scholarly interest in childhood as studied in a variety of disciplines. This has included a variety of historical aspects.

There has appeared in the 1990s a developing field of scholarship on childhood. This has been a generally neglected field of study. Scholars in America, Europe, and other countries have rapidly been filling the void in available studies. This material is providing some insights explaining fashion trends. As fashion is one of the most visible reflection of changing social trends, fashion trends can be useful in charting larger social trends.

HBC has just begun the task of assessing the developing literature on childhood in an effort to explain fashion trends. HBC would be very interested in any useful works that can be added to this bibliography as well as insights that readers may have gleaned from these works.

Some particularly valuable sources of information in various countries include:

Internatioanl Studies

Studies ans sources that are international in focus include:

History of Childhood: This site has been avalauable links to sites which provide information on child labor, children in the Holocaust, and other issues.

Country Studies

Many available resources are country specific studies.


Studies on English childhood include:



Cunningham, Hugh, The Children of the Poor (1991), ch.5 Eric Hopkins, = _Childhood Transformed_ (1994), ch.7 Lionel Rose, _The Erosion of = Childhood_ (1991), ch.9.


Studies on French childhood include:

Lenard Berlanstein, "Vagrants, Beggars and Thieves: Delinquent Boys in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Paris", Journal of Social History, 12 (1979), 531-52. In the end this work is heavy on the institutional side.



Studies on German childhood includes:

Lloyd deMause, Hg., _H=F6rt ihr die Kinder weinen: Eine psychogenetische Geschichte der Kindheit._ Frankfurt am Main, 1977.

Friedhelm Nyssen, _Die Geschichte der Kindheit bei L. deMause: Quellendiskussion._ Frankfurt/M.: Peter Lange, 1987.

Ute Schuster-Keim u. Alexander Keim, _Zur Geschichte der Kindheit bei Lloyd deMause: Psychoanalytische Reflexion._ Frankfurt/M: Peter Lange, 1988.

Aurel Ende, "Battering and Neglect: Children in Germany, 1860-1978." _The Journal of Psychohistory_ 7(1979):249-279.

Aurel Ende, "Bibliography on Childhood and Youth in Germany from 1820-1978: A Selection." _The Journal of Psychohistory_ 7(1979): 281-288.

Raffael Scheck, "Childhood in German Autobiographical Writings, 1740-1820." _The Journal of Psychohistory_ 15(1987): 397-422.

Friedhelm Nyssen, Ludwig Janus, Hg., Psychogenetische Geschichte der Kindheit: Beitr=E4ge zur Psychohistorie der Eltern-Kind-Beziehung._ Giessen: Psychosozial-Verlag, 1997.

Ralph Frenken, Kindheit und Autobiographie vom 14. bis 17. Jahrhundert: Psychohistorische Rekonstruktionen. 2 B=E4nde. Kiel: Oetker-Voges-Verlag, 1999.

Lloyd deMause, "War as Righteous Rape and Purification," to appear in _The Journal of Psychohistory_ in Spring 2000: Deals with German childhood and the Nazi period and will be posted at the same time on a 800-page website (with lots of other childhood material, www.psychohistory.com.

United States

United States scholarship includes:

Elkind, David. "The Child: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" (1993).

Elkind, David. Images of the young child: Collected essays on development and education".Washington D.C.: National Association for the Education of Young Children.ISBN 0-935989-58-7.

Christopher Wagner

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