Children's Leggings: Age

Figure 1.--We mostly notice younger children up to about 6 years of age wearing leggings, perhaps slightly older girls. We believe the commercial postcard here is French, probably dating from the 1920s.

We are just beginning to assess age conventions concerning leggings. We do not yet have catalog informatiion so we have attemoted to assess age conventiuons through assessing available photographic evidence. Leggings have been worn primarily by younger children up to about 5 or 6 years of age, perhaps somewhat older for girls. Our age assesment, however, is still prelinary because our information on leggings is still very limited. Here there were vaiations over time. We also believe that there were gender variations. We believe that leggings were more common for girls and were worn by older girls than boys. The younger age range of leggings was probably because they were a lot of work to take off and put on and thus less suitable for children once they had begun school. Also they were worn by boys still wearing kneepants or short pants and not by older boys wearing long pants.


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Created: 3:34 AM 1/28/2006
Last updated: 3:34 AM 1/28/2006