* artists illustrating boys fashions: Gioorgione

Giorgione (Italy, c1477-1510)

Figure 1.--The 'Three ages of man' or 'Reading a song' is a painting done by Giorgione in 1500-01. It is a brilliant depiction of age with some intereting clothing and hair styling details.

Venetian artist Giorgione is one of the great masters of the High Renaisance. He was not only a master draugthsman, but also a leading figures in the artistic revolution sweeping Europe. He was one of the first painters to paint people in a landscape setting. Giorgione was born in Castelfranco Veneto near Venice (c1477). At the time before the discovery of the Americas and rounding the Cape of Good Hope, Venice was at the center of the trade with the East. And the wealth created was part of what generated the Italian Renaissance. Virtually nothing is known about his childhood which most art historians see as suggesting humble origins. He is believed to have shown artistic talent from an early age. Giorgione was apprenticed to Giovanni Bellini--one of leading figures of the Renaissance (1490). Only incredibably talented boys would have been accepted as aprrentices. And in Belini's studio he was tutored in how to depicr lighting, atmosphere, color and mood. And the result wa virtually immeiate. While still a teenager, Giorgione produced his first two major works: 'Trial of Moses' and 'Judgment of Solomon' (1495-1500). Some after he painted 'The three ages of man' (1500-01), a brilliant dpiction of age. His most recognized work is 'The Tempest' (1505). About the same time he painted He painted many half-length portraits. Tragically has only a short career. He died at only 33 years of age, struck down by Venice dening us many master works (c1510).


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