** artists illustrating boys fashions: François Kinson</a> (Belgium/French, c1770-1839)

François Kinson (Belgium/French, c1770-1839)

Figure 1.--This is one of Kinson's masterful realistic portraits of wealthy Empire and Restoration society. Unfortunately the identuty of this mother and her children has been lost. The depiction of the clothing is meticulous. Note the military styling of the boys's outfit. Th children look to be about 10-15 years old. The portrait is also undated. One source dates to just after Napoleon's fall, about 1815-20.

François Kinson (c1770-1839)

François Joseph Kinson Franciscus Josephus Kinsoen in Flemish was born in Bruges (1770). He is commonly described as a Flesmish artist, but we think in more approprair to archive artists active in the 19th century as Belgian or in Kinson's case a French artist. His fater, François Kinsoen, was a blacksmith. He studied at the Bruges art school. His abilities were rcognized at an early point. His teacher Fricx sent him to Ghent and then Brussels to establisg a studio painying portraits. He established a local reputation in Ghent and Brussels. He began his careet during the tumultuous times of the French Revolution (1789). He Settled in Paris and became essentially a French artist. The great body of his work is French portraits. Paris in of all times, during the Terror (1794). This seenms a little dangerous because Kinson solicited the favor of the rich and famous of the time as clients. Suvée noted his s talent and helped him set up a studio. He first exhibited a portrait in Paris (1799). He married Augustine Le Prince in Paris (1801). She was the daughter of the court architect. He won the Gold Medal for portraiture of several members of the Imeperial family. He became a Napoleomic court artist during the Empire era--the Regency in England. He briefly stanlished a studio in Kassel. He was the particularly associated with Jérôme Bonaparte, named King of Westphalia by the Emperor. Kinson is most noted for his portraits of elegant Napoleoic women. He is of interst to HBC, beacuse sveral of these portraits included their children. He sucessfully made the transition after Napoleon's fall to the Boiurbons (1814-15). He became the court painter for the Duke of Angoulême, son of the future King Charles X (1817). He also painted for King Louis XVIII. He continued working in Paris, but died rather unexpectedly when he visuted his sisters in Bruges (1839). Although narly 70, he as still active at the time.


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