* Belgian boys garments: forage overseas cap

Belgian Boys Garments: Forage Cap

Figure 1.--This unidentified Belgian boy wears a forage cap. The portrait is undated, but was probably taken about 1940-44 during the German World war II occupation. It may be a youth group cap, although he seems a little young for a youth group.

Various styles of caps have been forage caps, all military styles. Here we are talking abiut thevGlengary style of forage cap. They first appear to out knowledge during the French Revolutiin/Napoleiic Wars.. We first note Belgian boys wearing these caps during Wprld War I. The Debruyne boys are a good example in 1918. We see a few boys wearing forage caps during World War II (figure 1). This was not a common style, but we have noted a few examples in the photographic record. The forage was a military-style cap similat to the Scottish Glengary. Many different terms were used for it in America, including the garrison cap, wedge cap, flight cap, and overseas cap. We are not sure what the name of these caps were in Belgium. The German term 'Schiffchen' (little ship) msay have been used in Flanders. The origin of the caps in Frsnce differed from the Glengary, but the Belgian caps were probably influenced by the Germans. Boys after World War I began earung the caps as part of youth group uniforms. We think that this was primarily World War I and a Hitler Youth nuiform experiences, but we have few details at this time. The unidentified boy here wears a forage cap during the early 1940s (figure 1). Hopefully our Belgian readers will be able to provide more details.


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