French Boys Clothes: Travel

Figure 1.--This French family was traveling in 1937. I think they are at a train station. Note the huge basket. I hink this was auite common in France. Note the boy wears a suit and the girl a fancy dress.

One interesting subject is transportation.b Here we are interested in how transportation changed over time. Here we have gone from horse and buggy in the 19th century to trains and in the 20th century autmobiles and planes. France has one of the most efficient raul systems in the world. And this was the major mode of travel in the late 19th and early 20th century. To this excellent system, high speed trains have been added in recent years. Only after World War II did average families begin to acuire cars. The transition from sale to steam power fundamentally chnged international commerce. This has fundamentally changed the mobility of individuals and families. The results in economic and social terms are profound. Also interesting is how peole dessed for travel. People used to dress up and trael in suits and other rather formal garments. This began to change after World War II and now people dress casually for comfort when traveling.


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