French Choristers Serving as Altarboys

Figure 1.-- There is a historical connection between choristers and alatar servers. And today there is a fine difference between altar boys and choirboys which is a little complicated to explain. Here you can see a chorister wearing his aube over their school uniform/choir uniform while assisting with the priest with the mass.

There is a fine difference between altar boys and choiristers which is a little complicated. Historically the boys taken in by the monastaries both served as choristers and altar boys. But vocal abilities varied. Thusnot all of the boys could play an importantv role as choristers. As Europe developed, the focus of the Church shifted from the monastaies to the churches and and cathedrals. Thus the two traditions developed differently. Many modern altar boys today also sing as choristers in their church. The boy choir tradition decclined, especially during the Revolution. The boy choir tradition was revived in the early 20th century and thus some modern French boys may be both altar servers and choristers. A French reader tells us, "I think almost all modern altar boys will sing. But not all choirboys will serve as altar boys. There is aot to learn to be a server and it is a futherc commitmentb of time. And there are some secular choirs which have nothing to do with the Church. Even Catholic choirs may not require their boys to be Catholics. I think that the thoughtis that the experience may draw the boys to the Church." There is a fine difference between altar boys and choirboys. Usually altar boys are described as wear vêtements, and choirboys wear the aube. Occassionaly when choristers serving as altar boys assist the priest, they may wear their choir aubes rather than the vêtements they usually wear when assisting with the Mass. If the choir does not have links with a specific church, usually the choirboys do not have vêtements at all. So when they assist the priest or assist with the Mass, they wear their choir aube all the time. A former chorister tells us, "In my choir, we also had to learn the rules for altar boys, and it was not easy."


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