German Boys' Headwear: Non-Sailor Styles Worn with Sailor Suits--Peaked Hunting Caps

Figure 1.--This unidentified Germany boy wears a sailor suit with what looks like an anchor dickey. Notice the one stripe detailing and the unciomfortable-looking stiff white collar. He hilds what looks like a peajked hunting cap. Note thge small bow at the front of the cap. The CDV portrait was taken by the Albert Eisle studio in Neuwied.

We are not entirely sure what to call these peaked caps. They look rather like modern baseball caps, complete with a large button at the crown. We have seen American voys wearing them as well. There is a bow at the front of at least some of the caps which suggests to us that it may be a hunting style. This may or may not be the origin. Perhaps readers will have better idea of what these caps were called. It was not a real common cap style, but we do occassionslly note it in the photographic record. It does not seem to be a style especially assiciated with sailor suits, but we note boys in sailor suits wearing it. We are not sure about the colors. We see them being worn without any effort to match the suit color. We are not sure about the chronology if these caps, but we note them being wirn in the 1880s.


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Created: 1:30 AM 4/10/2011
Last updated: 1:30 AM 4/10/2011