Dutch Boys' Activities: Religious Events--First Communion

Figure 1.--.

We have some limited information on First Communion. First Communionn is less important in the Netherlands than in many other countries, largely because there are relatively few Dutch Catholics. Dutch Catholics and some Dutch Protestant boys celebrate their First Communions. A Dutch reader tells us, "In the Netherlands First Communion never was a big deal for protestant boys. The Catholics did celebrate it as a major occassion. Unlike Catholics in many other countries, Dutch Catholics take their First Communion when they are teenagers." We are not sure this is the case. The age of First Communion may have changed over time. Our Dutch archive is fairly limited. Thus we are yet able to fully assess the photographic record. We do not have any 19th century or early-20th century images. We do have some post-World War II examples. The photographs we have found, however, clearly show younger bous doing their First Communion. The boy on the previous page is a goof examole. We note a boy wearing a traditional sailor suit in 1951. We at first thought he was Dutch as the message on the back is written in Dutch, but we bow see he as aFlemish boy in Antwerp.


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Created: August 15, 2002
Last updated: August 15, 2002