United States Boys' Clothes: Neckwear--Accompanying Garments

Figure 1.--This American boy wears a floppy bow with a Fauntleroy blouse. The cabinet card is undated, but the mount style suggests it was taken about 1900-05.

We note American boys' wearing different types of neckwear with a variety of garments. The type of garments and neckwear has varied over time. Boys in the 20th century wore neckties and bowties with shirts. Boys in the 21st cebtury are less likely to dressup with neckwear, but neckties and bowties are still worn. They also wore string ties and cross ties, but not as commomnly. Boys in the late 19th and early 20th century wore floppy bows with blouses. This was the most striking shirt like-harment and neckwear worn by American boy. We also see boys wearing stocks and scarves during the mid-19th century with blouses, shirts, and shirt-waists, but it is often difficult to tell the type of short-like garment. We note boys weatings bows with collar-buttoning suit jackes. Sailor blouses were commonly worn with scarves. We also notice boys wearing bows and some other neck wear with dresses.


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Created: 1:04 AM 8/17/2010
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