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American 1900s Boy Dress Chronology: Ages--1 Year Olds

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Figure 1.--Here we see an oval cabinet crd card from Billings, Missouri dated to 1903. The siblings are Clare and Burton Brown. (There is another name written, but we cannot make it outperhaps her married name. Click here if you want to try to make it out.) The children look to be about 1-3 years old and wear coorinaed skirted outfits. The boy's dress is sine with tunic styling. The studio was Hinchey in Billings.

It was still common for really young boys such as 1-year olds to wear dresses. The convention of boys wearing dresses began to declime in the late-19th century anmd was going out of fashion by thev 1900s decade. The really young boys were the only exception left. We note two Missouri siblings about 1-3 years old wearing similar skirted outfits in 1903 (figure 1). . The style of the cabinet card can help date the image, but in this case the card is dated.) We note tunic suit becoming popular for American boys at the turn of the century, but the ready made tunic suits seem to mostly begin for sizes 2 1/2-3 years. But here we note a boy who wears a tunic-styled dress that looks to be about about 1 year old. His older sister wears a coordinared dress, but without the tunic features.


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