* war and social upheaval: World War I biographies -- Auguste Yvon Edmond Dubail

World War I: Biographies--Auguste Yvon Edmond Dubail (France, 1851-1934)

Figure 1.--Here we see the two great French commanders of the War, Msrch Foch and Marshal Joffre with his wife. In between is tthe AEF Coimmnder, General Pershing. To the right is General Dubail with his son. The photograph is undate, but looks toi be taken sometime at the end of the War. Click on the image to see Keystone's back text. Source: Keystone View Company

Auguste Yvon Edmond Dubail was an important French Army general during World War I. Dubail commanded the French First Army and Army Group East during World War I. When the Germans declared war and invaded Belgium, Dubail was given command of the First Army. Rather than taking a defensive posture and preoare to meet the Germans, the French rashly launched an offensive to begin to retake territory lost in the Franco-Prussian war. Dubail led the First Army against well-prepared Gernan defensive positions in an effort to retake Loraine. The effort was supported by de Castelnau�s Second Army. The Germans repulsed the French French and inflkicted heavy losses. As a result the First and Second Armies were in aeakened condition to help stop the German drive through Belgium and on to Paris. After the Fermans were stopped on the Marne, Dubail was promoted to commander of Army Group East occupying positions around Belfort and Verdun (1915). From this posdition he watched German reinfoircements and supplies floing into the position opposite his trenches. Dubail concluded thst the Germans were preparing a major offensive against Verdun. He requested reinforcements and heavy artillery and the new Allie tanks to defend Verdun sector. The rench commander-in-chief, Field Marshal Joseph Joffre, did not agree tht a German offendive was imminent and did not reinforce Dubail's Army Group East. When the Germans attacked in force (February 1916), Joffre criticized Dubail and dismissed him (March 1916). Dubail was humiliated and charged that he was being made a scapegoat for Joffre�s poor judgement. Dubail was ultimately given a new job, the military governor of Paris.


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