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World War I: The American Home Front--Patriotic Support

Figure 1.--Here isa scene before America etered the War. The Chicago children here are pointing at a movie poster for "Uncle Sam at Work" at the Auditorium Theater. The Theater is located at 430 South Michigan Avenue in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois. The film was based on the book, "The American Government" by Frederick J. Haskin.

America's extry into World War I resulted in an explsion of patriotic expression. There were a lot of parades and rallies organized by various civic groups to show support for the war effort. President Wilson did not find it necessary to convince the American public that going to war was necessary, even though that most Americans wanted to stay out of the War. The public strongly supported the Allies, despite the large German ethnic population and an Irish population that was anti-British. Germn actioins, especially the resumtin of unconditional submarine warfare and the Zimmerman Telegram helped convince many Americans that America should declare war. Thus while there were arange of rallies held around the country to support the war effort. After the War, the American public reassed the decesion to go to war. Many Americans decided that it was a mistake. As a result there was much more resistance to American entry into World war II, depite much more heinous German, Italian, and Japanese aggression.


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