Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--April 2007

Figure 1.--Here is a group of Untersekunda students in 1928. They would be at a Gymnasien / Oberschulen. Notice the school cap. Also notice their ages. They look about 14 years old to me, but our table on school levels suggest boys in this class would be about 15-16 years old.

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April 30

German families: Bordin family, 1900s

NAZI attrocities: Yugoslavia

World War II: Changing America

April 29

Malaysian country page

Malasian tights

Isreali youth movement


April 28

School cricket photograph

Swiss pinafores

Soviet Young Pioneers: Camp chronology

Soviet Young Pioneers: The 1930s

World War II: Rostov

Saarland plebecite

April 27

The Anschluss

The Anschluss: Attacks on Jews

Film review: This Is England

Japan: Sumo wrestling

Saucer-style sailor caps

April 26

Youth groups: YugoslaviaEnglish schools: Farnsworth Grammar, 1960s: More work here.

The Silk Road


Austrian Jews

April 25

Japanese schools: Short pants suspension

Japanese schools: First day--Uniforms

April 24

Boys' skirted garments: Types

Boys' skirted garments

World War II: Chinese home front

19th century American pants

April 23

Indian Ocean slave trade: Markets

German school pinafore

April 22

Long stocking colors: Chronology

American school, 1911

Swedish father and son, 1937

Swedish primary schoo, 1917

Long white stockings: Conventions

Film reviews: Y: More work here

Egyptian history

U.S. Scout School, Paris

The Jewish Diaspora

Postcards: American industry

April 21

Young Pioneer: Field trips

U.S. School Easter celebration, 1948

Czech long stockings

American boy dresses: 1880s

German headwear: More work here

Buster Brown Shoes

April 20

Kilt suit jacket

Kilt suit headwear

Bert Dodge, 1880s

Arne Sohlstrom, 1928

April 19

Arab slave trade

April 18

Long stockings: Bright shades

April 17

Film review: The Beloved Vagabond

April 16

Individual NAZI films

Waggons: Chronology

April 15

Movie reviews: The Spider Women

U.S. military school: Types

Tsarist schools

April 14

Film reviews: An American in Paris: More work here

Soldiers' Orphan School

Sri Lanka education

April 13

Film reviews: The Fallen Idol

Dean Grange School, 1980s

Unidentified brothers, 1862

Grandfather's school

April 11

Cloes toe sandals: The 1950s country trends

Danish schools

EZ waist union suit, 1920

English schools: Standards at Independent and state schools

April 10

Islam: Faith and Reason

Dutch schools: Koudum Public School, 1957

Dutch schools: Koudum School, 1905

April 9

Rose Branch School, 1954

Frankewing School, 1951

Italian islands

April 8

England: Educational standards

Sleepwear: Country trends

Soviet offensive before Moscow, 1941

Shane and I

April 7

Short pants and climate: More work here.

German secondary schools

German Lederhosen chronology: The 1950s--Regional TrendsSchool sleepwear: Country trends

April 6

German nightshirt

April 5

TV: Neigbors costuming

April 4

Native Americans: The Yanomano

Hitler Youth hold outs

Barbarossa: Fall rains

Czech Jews

Kiddie cars" Country trends

April 3

England: 21st century

Russian tights: Play

Nazerth waist union suit, 1920

The Stone Age

April 2

Chinese ethnic groups

Film review: The Adventures of Don Juan

April 1

Ending the African slave trade

Types of religion

Wehrmacht: Occupation force

Kilt suits: Design sand decoration


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