Gambian Education

Figure 1.--These Banjul primary boys have just finished the daily lessons. They are standing infront bof their school. They wear the khaki school uniform.

Gambia is a small West African country surrounded by Senegal. It is a former British colony centered around the Gambia River. It is a graphaic example of how important rivers were in the history of Africa. As a forner British colony, the education system has been influenced by the British. The country has significantly expanded the education system since independence in 1965. Schools are administered by the Ministy of Basic and Secondary Education. Primary education in now free and available to most Gambian children. Education is a faurly low nationalmpriority, condstituting less than 10 percent of the national budget. This is low by African standards. It is not, however compulsory. The country reported 0ver 150,000 children attending primary school (1000). This was about 85 percent of primary age children. Only a little over half of the children complete primary school. There were over 55,000 children attending secondary schools, nearly 35 percent of secondary age children. Interestingly, girls outnumber boys. Adult educational achievement is still very low, about 2.5 years. This of course is rising as the fairly large number of children now in school reach adulthood. The country most important institution of higher education is The Gambia College, in Bríkama. There are also several technical and training schools. We are not sure about educational standards. We note boys wearing basic khaki uniforms.


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