** Zimbabwe school uniform

Zimbanwe School Uniform

Figure 1.-- This photo was taken in Harare, Zimbabwe. As in South Africa the children wear school uniforms, but they are allowed to attend in bare feet.

Like many former Britisj\h colonies, school uniform and dress trends show yhis British heritage. Elementary school children in Zimbabwe commonly wear uniforms. At one representative school in the 1990s the girls wore blue dresses with large Peter Pan collars and the boys wore khaki open collar shirts and short pants. We believe that this is also the case in secondary schools. We still have very limited information on the country. Zimbabwe's spiral into disorder and poverty in recent years has undoubtedly affected the ability of parents to afford school uniforms. As in South Africa khaki was a populsr color for school wear. The boys here, for example, look to be wearing khaki shirts and shorts, but it is difficult to be certain.



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