English 1950s School Uniform Trends: Garments--Caps

Figure 1.--We still see English boys wearing caps in the 1950s, but not as commonly as in the 40s. They became less common at primry schools and many secondary schools only insisted the younger boys wear them. Most prep schools continued to require them. Notice the school satchels.

The school cap through the 1940s was perhaps the most uniquitous item of school uniform worn by British school children. Even primary boys that did not have a school uniform wore them to school. This changed suignificantly in the 1950s. Caps were still common in the early 1950s. Primary children in particular during the decade, largely stopped wearing them. An exception here were the private preparatory schools which mostly continued to require them as part of the uniform. We still see caps at secondary schools, especially grammar schools. Secondary schools, however, reduced the age of the boys required to wear them. We still see them at quite a few scondary schools at the end of the decade. , but many continued to require them.


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