* English school uniforms during the 1950s: Dressing Up

English School Uniform during the 1950s: Dressing Up

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified Ebgkish family, probamly out shppping on saturday. Notice that the boys are wearing their school uniforms. The phitigraph is not dated, but we think was clearly taken in the 1950s. not only because of tge clothes, but balso the cars. If this photographed had been taken in the 1940s, the boys would have been wearing their caps, ties, and knee socks.

We see many British boys in the 1950s wearing theur schook uniform earger than a suit when dressing up. We think that in maby cases that they did not have a proper suit, but their school unifirm substituted for a suit. This uncluded bioth avtual school unifirms and blazers that boys may have worn to school that did not require unifirms. Secondary schools had uniforns, bith privae and srate schiiks, Prinary schools varied. Angkican schools commonly had basic unifirms. State schools did not have uniforms before the War, but by the late-1950s, especially the late-50s some state schools were beginning to adopot uniforms. Mist did nit. But even at the many state schools that did not have unifirns, boyss commonky wore clothes that were like school uniform garments. Biys wire ties with suit jackers or more commonly blazers. As a result, we often see boys wearing their school clothes when dressung up in the 1950s. This meant when giong to church, shoping on saturday, a park outing, or other activity. A factor here was ecinomic. Nritain had been the most prosperous country in Europe. The 1945 General Election brought the Labour Party to power and a an exprriment withnsocialism. The resuklt was Britain fell behind the Continent as the various countries recovered from World War II. The result was that British children continued to have relatiively limited wardrobes.


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