* English school uniforms during the 1950s: Types of schools

English School Uniform during the 1950s: Types of Schools

Figure 1.--This younger boys at this grammar school in 1958 wore short pamts and kneesocks with their blazers.

Significant changes in school uniforms occirred at both private and secondary schools during the 1950s. Changes in the primary schools were most notable as new schools began requiring uniforms. At the same time, boys at secondary schools by the late 1950s began to complain about strict uniform regulations--especially related to caps and short pants.

Elementary Schools

State elementary boys in the 1950s still did not commonly wear uniforms, but major changes in the educational system established many new schools. As these new schools were opened and began to operate, many decided to institure school uniforms. This was a major change for primary age children. Prep schools continued to be a bastion of chool uniforms, many requiring boys to wear caps, blazers, short pants and kneesocks.

Secondary Schools

Secondary schools, both secondary moderns and grammar schools did require uniforms. The grammar schools tended to place more of an emphasis on uniforms than the secondary moderns. Often the younger boys at these schools had to wear caps, short pants, and kneesocks. Older boys wre in most cases not reqired to wear the caps and could wear long trousers. Often the schools were quite strict about uniforms, but regulations varied greatly from school to school. Private schools continued to have very elaborate uniforms.


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Created: October 5, 2000
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