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English School Uniform: Individual School Alphabetical Listings

British prep school
Figure 1.--Marsh Court was a typical English preparatory boarding school during the 1980s. The main building was a stately country mannor house. The everyday uniform were grey cord jackets and shorts worn with blue ties, grey shirts, and knee socks with leather shoes or sandals of choice.

Some information is available on individual schools to illustrate school uniform trends at the various types of schools. Schools have had different uniforms over time, but there is great similarities as so many schools used the same basic styles. This is especually true of the boys' uniforms. There is much more difference over time as schools are constantly updating their uniforms.

Specific Schools

HBC has acquired information on uniforms at several specific schools over time. Some of these are very well known school hile others are not widely known outside their local community. Schoolwear trends at these schools reflect overall changes in fashion trends. This was especially the case before World War II when state schools generally did not reuire uniforms. Some schools with uniforms insisted on preserving tradtional styles for their uniforms while other schools decided to keep their uniforms more in line with contemporary fashion. This section provides information on how school uniform styles and regulations changed over time. The school information also illustrates the differences in schoolwear at different types of English schools.

Schools A-E

Schools F-L

Schools M-Z

Personal Experiences

Additional information on individual schools is available in the personal experiences section.


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