German Schoolwear:  Garments--Rules and Conventions

Figure 1.--Here we see a German seconfary school class. The boys look to be about 16-years old. All the boys wera suits. We are not sure id there was achool rule or parents just thought it was apopropriate. Botice that one boy wears short pants and two boys knickers. While all their parents though suits were appropriate there were differences from family to family as to when the boys should begin to wear long pants. The boys have two flags. They surely are associated with the church in the background.

German children for the most part did not wear uniforms to school. There were a few exceptions, primarily military cadet schools. Much more common in Germany were conventions. We note many imahes woth the children similarly dressed. There seem to have bWen conventions generally followed at many schools. These conventions varied over time and regionally. Until after World War II there were differenes between rural and urban schools. This was a common pattern in mny countries. Conventions also varied between primary and secondary schools. As far as we know, these conventions wee basiclly simply created by popular attitudes toward school and schoolwear. Therevmay have been some school rukes such as boys in secondary schools were expected to wear suits. We arevnot entirely sure about tht. We do not see common gyles of colors, but there seem to have beem an understanding that boys in secondary schools should wear suits at least through Worlod war II. After vthe war this convention quickly declined discarded. and was dicarded. The difficult economic situation after the War may have been a factor.


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