Dutch School Uniform:  Chronology--The 1960s

Figure 1.--This Dutch public school primary class was photographed in 1963. The boys wear mostly casual shirts with short pants. The boys look about 8-9 years old. Click on the image for a more detailed look at the boys' outfits. 

We have begun to collect some Dutch school images from the 1960s. We do not yet, however have enough to draw any definitive conclusions over schoolwear trends.


We are not positive, but believe this class portrait was taken in 1962. The younger primary children here wear a range of clothing. The boys are dressed mostly casually, but two boys look to be wearing bowties. Several boys wear sweaters, both cardigans and crewnecks. Most of the boys look to be wearing short pants. One boy wears Lederhosen. I'm not sure when the phoograph was taken, but as several of the children are wearing sweaters, the weather apparently was a little chilly.


We note an image from a Dutch primary school in 1963 (figure 1). Unfortunately we do not know the name of the school or the type of school. Presumably it is a public school. Only boys are pictured. Does that mean that Dutch schools or classes were still divideded by generder? The voys wear casyal shirts, many with sweaters. The shirts are all collared shirts, many with bold patterns. Some boys button them at the collars. There are no "T" shirts, but some boys wear striped polo shirts. One boy even wears a tie. Both bots wear their collars open, but quite a few have buttoned them. All of the boys seem to wear short pants. One boy wears H-bar shorts. Several boys wear kneesocks, but mopst wear ankle socks. The boys wear both shoes and sandals. The boys all have leather footwear, we do not see any sneakers. These boys are dressed very similarly to the public schools we have noted in the 1950s images we have noted, but that perhapos is understandable as 1963 is early in the 1960s.


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