H-Bar Suspender Shorts: Countries--The Netherlands

Figure 1.--Here we see a Dutch boy wearing H-bar shorts to school in 1963. He was the only boy in his class wearing H-bar or suspender shorts, at least that we can see. Notice he is wearing them with a plaid shirt. We note that by the 1960s that it had become fashionable in Germany to wear Lederhosen with checked shirts. .

We note some Dutch boys wearing H-bar shorts, but far fewer than in Germany. We note many similarities over time between Dutch boys' clothing and German styles. The popularity of H-bar shorts appears to be a significant difference. The Dutch sometimes call them Tyrol-shorts, presumably because of their similarity to lederhosen. With German images it is often difficult to tell if a boy is wearing Lederhosen with H-bar haltars. We believe that this was quite rare in the Netherlands. Many of the images we have noted show younger pre-school boys wearing them. We have, however, also noted some boys in primary schools wearing them. Here we do not note many boys at school wearing them, but we have seen some. One example is a public school in 1963.


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Created: 2:53 PM 12/28/2004
Last updated: 2:53 PM 12/28/2004