Ipswich Grammar School (Queensland)

Figure 1.--This is the school portrait of the a of the Ipswich Grammar School in 1920. at the time the boys wore dark suits to school. This was before the current maroon and white striped blazer was adopted. Notice that none of the boys are wearingEton collars which you still saw in Britain. You can see the Great Hall in the background. The headmaster at the time was Richard A. Kerr (1915-45). Put your cursor on the image to see the rest of the school. The studio was F.A. Whitehead in Ipswwich.

Ipswich Grammar School is an independent, non-denominational, boys' day and boarding school. It is located in Ipswich, a city along the Bremer River in South East Queensland. The Queensland Government was intent on creating a secondary school system. Queensland's first parliment passed the the Grammar Schools Act (1860). The Act led to the founding of 10 grammar schools. There was a debate at the time over the religious foundation of the schools. Queensland Grammar School was founded as a non-denominational school (1863). It was the first secondary school in Queensland. There were 16 boys attending on the first day. The original school building became known as the Great Hall. The nodern chool is located on the Grammar School Hill the original buildings at the crown of the hill. The school today operates a kindergarten (prep), primry and secondary program to over 1,000 boys. Most of the students are day boys, but there are about 100 boarders.


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