Individual Portuguese Schools: Valado dos Frades School

Figure 1.--These photos shows two school classes at Valado dos Frades, a village and parish in the municipality of Nazaré. The portrait here is from the 1950s. Several od rghe boys wear white shirts, some of the white garments may be smocks. Put your cursor on the image to see the 4th grade class about a decade later in 1968. The children look more prosperous in the 1960s. Unlike the 1950s, some of the boys in the 1960s wear short pants, but we don't see any smocks.

These photos shows two school classes at Valado dos Frades, a village and parish in the municipality of Nazaré. It is located in central Portugal, a few kilometers east of Nazaré and the coast. Both the portraits we have are all-boys classes, according the ministerial guidelines about separation of boys and girls at the primary school. In the photo taken in 1950s, the boys look very poor. All the pupils are barefoot. Also note that the voys all wear long pants. In most European countrues, many boys this age would have worn short pants. We suspect that many more prosperous boys in city schools did commonly wear short pants. A few of these boys may be wearing white smocks, but this is difficult to tell as many boys wear white shirts. We see many Portuguese children wwearing white smocks in the 1950s, but apprently this was up to the individual schools. We are not sure what grade level this was. The boys look much more prosperous and are better dressed in the 1968 portrait of a 4th grade class. And only a few boys are coming to school barefott. Several boys wear short pants, but long pants are more common. None of these boys wear smocks. As the boys wear sweaters and long sleeves, it looks to be a chilly day. Presumably on a warmer day, more of the boys would havve worn short pants.


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