Soviet School Uniform: Post Stalinist Era--Casual Clothes

Figure 1.-- Here are pages from the Soviet children book 'Firtsgraders' published in 1957. Notice that the boys for the most part are mot wearing uniforms while the girls are. The talented illustrator is Latvian Felicita Pauluca. choolwear varied somewhat regionally in the Soviet Union. We are not sure if the illustrations reflected differences in the Baltics. Click on the image for another view.

A Russian reader tells us that not all primary children wore uniforms. While all secondary students wore uniforms, the situation at primry schools was much more varied, espcially for the younger children. Our Russian reder tells us, "Since the 1950s younger children sometimes were allowed to wear casual clothes to school -- for example, shorts. It depended on the regional weather and on the school administration opinion. In warm areas (like North Caucasus, i.e. Sochi, Crimea, Ukaraine and so on) school uniform often was used only in the colder period of the year. This wasn't common for the whole USSR territory of course." We see the girls more commomnly wearing the uniform than the boys. Here we see some charming illustrations of how first graders dressed in 1957 (figure 1). The illustrator here was Latvian. we are not sure if the illustration reflected differences in the Baltics.


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Created: 3:10 AM 7/18/2006
Last updated: 3:10 AM 7/18/2006