Russian School Uniform: Levels--Kindergarten

Figure 1.--The Soviet kindergarten was probasbly taken in the late-1950s or early 60s. They look a little younger than 5-year old kindergarten children. Note similiar design of boys' h-bar shorts and girls' skirts. But they wore a variety of hosiery: ankel socks, knee-length socks, white and dark long stockings. Note the older boy in the upper left. He's a Young Pioneer leader of that childern group-- " vozhaty " in Russian. It was a common practice for boys and girls at a school to work with the younger children and help the teachers. Click on the image for a fuller discussion.

Unlike primary and secondary school students, Kindergarten children did not wear uniforms. We see some Soviet kindergartens in which the chidren are dressed similarly, almost like uniforms. THe kindergarten clss here is a good example (figure 1). I do not think, however, that this was very common. Our image archive is still very limited so it is not possible to draw firm conclusions at this time. For the most part the children wore their own clothes. Some garments seem very common. We see, for example, alot of children wearing short pants and long stockings. We are not sure if this was just common garments for children or the kindergartens provided guidance as to how the children should be dressed.


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Created: 6:04 AM 9/8/2005
Last updated: 6:40 AM 8/15/2006