Soviet School Trends: Gender

Figure 1.--Here we see a Soviet secondary girls school during the 1951-52 school year. The girls all wear dark dresses. We are not sure about the color, perhas dark blue. We think tht they are similar rather than idebtical dressesm but we can't make out much detail. Almost all the girls have white collars, but different styles. Several girls have chosen lavy collars. Some seem to have red Pioneer scarves.

One of the few important successes of the Soviet Union was education. The Tsarist education was substantially expanded. This included both the education of girls and of the working-class. Of course the system was tainted with ideological bias, but the schols for the first time covered the entire population and the in a short period viurtually the entire population was literate. Girls for the first time advanced beyond primary education in mumbers. Gradually girls began approaching the same level of educational achievement as boys. Despite this women were excluded from leadership poditions. Women could advance in technical areas such as schools and researchg institutes, but not leadership positions. We also see few women as directors of economic units such as factories and collective farms. We see a shift from single gender to coed schools. The Soviets had very destinctive uniforms for boys and girls. Many of these trends are similar to trends in Europe and Amrrica. One noticeable difference is that we do not see Soviet girls gradually diversifying their clothing by adopting traditional boys garments like jeans and other types of pants. Soviuet girls rather went inthe other direction. They not only kept on wearing dresses only, but added smartly starched white pinafores. This was not unknown earlier, but by the 1950s was a common unifiorm item throughout the Soviet Union.


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