Scottish Schools: Girls

Figure 1.--This school is inidentified. We only know it was a Glasgow school, probably in Langside--a middle-clas residential neigborhood. Itlooks to be a state primary. A few girls wear pinafores, but most wear nice dresses. They all wear dark long stockings. The photograph also was undated, but we would guess was taken in the 1910s. The studio was Mellish in Lngside.

We see Scottish girls wearing he same garments and styles to school as their English counterparts to the south. Scotland was affected by the school uniform styles emerging in England such as jumpers which we believe are called gym slips in Britain. Most Sottish girls, however did not wear uniforms in the 19th and early-20th century. Girls in the state schools system did not wear uniforms. Uniforms were worn at private schools and grammar (selective seconary) schools, but these were a relatively small part of the school-age population. The idea of educating girls was a not well established idea during much of the 19th century. In fact the whole idea of public schools was fiercely debated in Britain until the late-19th century. Which is also the time that educting girls also began to take hold. Even so, the number of girls attending public/avademies (elite private bording) schools and grammar schools was much smaller than boys. Thus the school images we see from Scotland do not show school uniforms, but the regulargarments girls wore. They also provide a good look at popular fashion. We do not see girls commonly wearing school uniform garments until after World War II in the 1960s.

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