Swiss School Uniforms

Figure 1.--Here we see a class from Basel in 1948. Notice that none of the children are wearing smocks.

Swiss childreb did not normally wear uniforms. There may have been a few private schools with uniforms, but even at private schools uniforms were not common. The dress code at these schools was often more strict, but uniforms were not common. For the most part Swiss children did not wear uniforms to school. Many French and Italian schools required that the younger children to age 10 commonly wore smocks which was a kind of uniform. I'm not sure when this was first instituted. We note German-speaking boys wearing smocks as well, but this may have been most common in the predominately French-speaking areas. A German-speaking Swiss reader tells us that he did wear a smok at his school, but only in class. I'm not sure if there were actual national school regulations on this. There does not seem to have been any specific style or color of smock, apparently any type of smock would do. After age 10 many French-speaking parents continued to have their boys wear smocks to school, although this became much less common in secondary school. This rather had the appearance of a uniform. Smocks were not common, however, in the German-speaking cantons.


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